Damien EN


"We are pragmatic: but visionary"

Project Management: sanitation studies, environmental consulting

International Cooperation: Mauritania, Malawi, Burundi, Haiti, Guinea

Interventions: studies, strategic plans and management of regional channels, liquid and solid sanitation

Focus: Security, ADR, VCA, prevention, circular economy management, Reuse

Specialties: management and logistics of liquid and solid waste, water supply

Intervention method: pragmatic, hands on, without jargon, participatory approach

Trainer: adult training for executives, operators, craftsmen, market gardeners and repairers Speaks and writes fluently French, English 

Damien masters perfectly the management of industrial waste and its multiple sectors. It is comfortable with large industrial facilities but also with small local industries in developing countries.

His missions in Africa focuses on the different areas today expressed in the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Contact : d.verraver@vescobel.be