Heinz EN


Coach in SDG and Transition management

"Together we could make a difference"

Project Management: Transition, Digitization, Participation 

International Cooperation: Asia, Australia, Africa 

Interventions: Institutional Strengthening - International, EU, Belgium 

Domains: circular and inclusive social economy 

Focus: Bottom up implementation of standards

Intervention methods: listening, evaluation, design, digitization 

Trainer: dynamic, creative, experienced 

Speaks and writes fluently French, English, German  

Heinz has completed numerous contracts on behalf of the European Commission. Training and audits, awareness campaigns, management of the EMAS Helpdesk, evaluation of LIFE projects, certification.

He is familiar with EU procedures, project planning tools (i.e. logical framework) and project implementation and monitoring modes and processes. 

Contact : hwe@vescobel.be