Thibaut EN


"We beleive in a purpose driven socia economy"

Project Management in circular economy, social economy,

North / South, start-up coaching in the social economy, ISO and SME standards

International cooperation: Africa, Madagascar, Senegal

Interventions: strategic and technical studies, project monitoring, environmental management Fields: circular social economy, recycling streams, platform management

Focus: creation of resources, waste management strategy and sectors, training and HRM Intervention method: enterprising and communicating, passionate and relevant

Trainer: training in management techniques and operations of multiple waste streams

Speaks and writes fluently French, English.

Thibaut has an enterprising character and a strong ability to communicate. Since the beginning of his career, the wealth and power of team management and project development has accumulated in a great interest for the environmental professions and sustainable development.

His multiple missions in Belgium and abroad have allowed him to acquire a multidisciplinary background in the various fields of the environment as well as in social issues and policies.

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